The Crown of Arctic Norway

Remote, mysterious, extreme and located on the southern fringe of the frozen Arctic Ocean, Spitsbergen is a land forged by ice, wind and sea. Our expedition style landings take you close to the wildlife, the ghost towns of early whaling stations, remote mining towns and spectacular fjords and icebergs.


NEW : An Arctic Spitsbergen Adventure

Sailing Date : 12 June - 16 Sept 2017
Starting from : €1450
Travel on the historic MS Nordstjernen on a Spitsbergen Adventure Voyage READ MORE →

Polar Pioneers of Svalbard

Sailing Date : 18 May 2017 , 27 May 2017
Starting from : €2206
If you crave for the return of spring with blossoming trees, warmth and chirping birds . This is not the voyage for...READ MORE →

Circumnavigating Spitsbergen

Sailing Date : 03 July 2017 , 11 July 2017 , 19 July 2017 , 27 July 2017
Starting from : €5532
Discover the great eastern nature reserves and some of the most spectacular highlights of the Arctic. The eastern part of Svalbard is more barren...READ MORE →

Grand Arctic Circumnavigation

Sailing Date : 04 Aug 2017 , 14 Aug 2017
Starting from : €6328
We will sail above 80 deg N, to take you to the ice edge of the Arctic Ocean. The adventure will include several excursions including hiking, kayaking...READ MORE →

An Arctic Adventure to the High North

Sailing Date : 19 May 2017
Starting from : €4025
We spend a day crossing the Barents Sea to Spitsbergen, where we will explore three of the island's most interesting settlements: Longyearbyen, Barentsburg and Ny - Alesund...READ MORE →


Sailing Date : April 2017 - December 2017
Starting from : €1085
Enjoy an adventure on Spitsbergen combined with the wonders of a coastal voyage. Experience the wildlife of the Arctic and enjoy the iconic coast of Norway...READ MORE →

Useful Information for Expedition Cruises

Here you will find practical information for your expedition cruise aboard MS Fram... READ MORE →

Experience Spitsbergen

Remote, mysterious and extreme, the island of Spitsbergen is the crown of Arctic Norway. Located right on the southern... READ MORE →

Spitsbergen Travel

Explore Longyearbyen – the closest town to the North Pole. We offer a variety of Polar adventures, and our helpful... READ MORE →

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