Iceland: A Land of Great Contrast

The saga island, Iceland has lava and glaciers, long dark winters and summers lit by the Midnight Sun, as well as vast expanses of unspoilt nature lying at the doorstep of highly modern urban communities. Icelandic traditions date back to the ancient sagas, and the folk stories are ripe with mysticism, elves and trolls.


Elves , sagas and Volcanoes of Iceland

Sailing Date : 21 May 2017 , 01 Jun 2017 , 12 June 2017
Starting from : €4362
Mythical Iceland is the land of fire and ice, with glaciers and volcanoes side by side. It is the perfect destination for explorers looking for the unexpected...READ MORE →

In the Wake of the vikings

Sailing Date : 12 May 2017
Starting from : €5338
More than 1,000 years ago, the Vikings crossed the North Sea and landed on the British Isles. It was the attack of the monastery on Lindisfarne in 793 A.D. that received...READ MORE →

Extension to Iceland

Explore this special destination and its powerful waterfalls, geysers, extensive lava fields and crystal clear lakes ... READ MORE →

A Land of Contrast

Iceland has lava and ice, long dark winters and summers lit by the Midnight Sun, as well as cast expanses of unspoilt ... READ MORE →

Learn about our Experience in polar waters

There is no single factor more important for the safety of the ship and passengers in Polar waters than the ... READ MORE →

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