Greenland: An Area of Great Contrast

See Greenland's colossal icebergs calve into the sea, explore long fjords, hike lush meadows and witness a variety of animal life under the Midnight Sun. Witness the exceptional interaction between man and nature, and discover how life in small, isolated communities is reflected in the language, music, myth, clothing and food.



Sailing Date : 23 JUN 2017
Starting from : €6580
Sail from mythical Iceland to southern Greenland and the Disco Bay area - also know as the heart of Greenland. Explore the stunning coast and touch an iceberg with your bare hands in Ilulissat Icefjord. READ MORE →

Grand Arctic Traverse

Sailing Date : 05 Jun 2017
Starting from : €7433
This is an expedition that is unlike anything else in this hemisphere. See the Lofoten Islands, the exotic Jan Mayen, Iceland and the south and west parts of Greenland...READ MORE →

Greenland to Svalbard Expedition

Sailing Date : 22 Jun 2017
Starting from : €5827
Enjoy a variety of islands in the Arctic. Explore the largest of them all Greenland, the small and isolated Jan Mayen, stunning Iceland and the Arctic crown of Norway...READ MORE →

The Ultimate Fjord Expedition in the Arctic

Sailing Date : 06 Sep 2017
Starting from : €7218
On this amazing expedition, you explore the magnificent nature of Greenland in the Scoresbysund fjord...READ MORE →

Island hopping in the North Atlantic

Sailing Date : 20 Aug 2017
Starting from : €6398
This expedition takes you to Greenland, the biggest island in the Arctic, the mythical Iceland and the smaller Faroe and Shetland Islands...READ MORE →

Thule , North and Beyond

Sailing Date : 06 Aug 2017
Starting from : €7721
The history of the people of Greenland is at the core of this journey. See abandoned settlements which were first inhabited 900 years ago. Visit the northernmost community in the world and sail rightREAD MORE →

Useful Information for Expedition Cruises

Here you will find practical information for your expedition cruise aboard MS Fram... READ MORE →

Extension to Iceland

Explore this special destination and its powerful waterfalls, geysers, extensive lava fields and crystal clear lakes ... READ MORE →

Experience Greenland

Greenland is a land of contrasts and truly a world of its own. Colossal icebergs in fantastic shapes and the inland i... READ MORE →

Learn about our Experience in polar waters

There is no single factor more important for the safety of the ship and passengers in Polar waters than the ... READ MORE →

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