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The Last Untouched Continent

Antarctica is nature at its most sublime and haunting; an endless white wilderness. The landscapes here have remained as awe-inspiring and unchanged as the day that man first set eyes upon them. It is the coldest, driest, highest and cleanest continent on Earth, and it is also teeming with life.




Antarctic Circle Expedition

Sailing Date : 26 January 2017 , 9 February 2017 , 25 January 2018 , 08 February 2018
Starting from : €6746
On this Antarctic Circle expedition we are venturing far into the areas that are almost permanently iced down and total unnavigable in winter..READ MORE →

The Frozen Land of the Penguins

Sailing Date : 14 Nov 2017 , 01 Jan 2018 , 13 Jan 2018
Starting from : €5923
Join us as we take bird watching to a whole new level! We travel to Antarctica, the coldest, driest, and windiest continent on earth for a close encounter ..READ MORE →

Penguins, Patagonia and Poetry

Sailing Date : 22 February 2018
Starting from : €6521
If you like diversity and want to visit the most intriguing spots in Patagonia and Antarctica, this expedition is for you. Starting in Ushuaia,...READ MORE →

The Ultimate Antarctic Expedition

Sailing Date : 26 November 2017
Starting from : €8505
Starting in Buenos Aires, you have the opportunity to discover the "Paris of South America" before embarking on MS Fram in Ushuaia, the world's southernmost town..READ MORE →

White Christmas in Antarctica

Sailing Date : 14 December 2017
Starting from : €10452
If you are dreaming of a white Christmas, we will make your wish come true! Travel with us to Antarctica, Falklands, South Georgia and the South Orkneys...READ MORE →


Explore the South Atlantic , Antarctica and Patagonia

Sailing Date : 22 Oct 2017

Starting From : €5,384

When you feel like getting highlights of the South American coast and Antarctica – this is your adventure! Starting... READ MORE →

Adventure to Chilean Fjords and Antarctica

Sailing Date : 07 Nov 2017 , 20 Nov 2017

Starting From : €5,124

Wildlife is abundant here in this starkly beautiful place. Watch for albatross, whales, seals and more.... READ MORE →

Discover Patagonia and Antarctica


Sailing Date : 03 Dec 2017

Starting From : €5,192


Choose an adventure that will take your breath away. Explore the Chilean fjords, see Cape Horn, meet some friendly penguins,... READ MORE →

The Legendary Magellan - Chilean Fjords and Antarctica

Sailing Date : 17 Dec 2017 , 02 Jan 2018

Starting From : €7,550


Want to celebrate the holidays in an extraordinary way? Join us for a seafaring adventure! READ MORE →

From Cape Horn to the Penguins of Antarctica

Sailing Date : 21 Jan 2017, 03 Feb 2017, 16 Feb 2017, 18 Jan 2018 , 31 Jan 2018 , 13 Feb 2018

Starting From : €3,999 (Feb 2017)


This voyage features a smorgasbord of Antarctica’s most renowned sights, plus the spectacular Chilean fjords and Cape Horn. ... READ MORE →

Southern Hemisphere , South America and Antarctica

Sailing Date : 01 Mar 2017, 26 Feb 2018

Starting From : €5,445


This adventure take you to all the highlights of Antarctica, giving you a real good impression of what this enormous continent of ice.... READ MORE →

Landings in Antarctica

An endless white wilderness, Antarctica is nature at its most sublime and haunting. During these astonishing voyages... READ MORE →

Camp like an Explorer in Antarctica

Ever wonder what it’s like to camp in an expedition tent on the frozen landscapes of Antarctica? Dreamed of following... READ MORE →

Useful Information for Expedition Cruises

Here you will find practical information for your expedition cruise aboard MS Fram... READ MORE →

Personal Information Form

Personal information requested for your Explorer Voyage Greenland, Spitsbergen, Antarctica,or Europe... READ MORE →

Required Medical Form

Please complete this form within 3 months prior to departure and bring it on board the ship. The form has to be... READ MORE →


Extension to Iguazu Falls

Spectacular, breathtaking, majestic - there is no better description of the torrents of water cascading down the Iguazu ... READ MORE →

Learn about our Experience in polar waters

There is no single factor more important for the safety of the ship and passengers in Polar waters than the ... READ MORE →

Experience Antarctica

Antarctica is the planet’s last untouched continent. Coming here, seeing the endless white landscape and hearing ... READ MORE →

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