New Hurtigruten hybrid explorer ships will revolutionise adventure travel at sea

New generation of Hurtigruten exploration ships to be:

  • Named after legends of polar exploration Roald Amundsen and Fridtjof Nansen
  • Characterised by pioneering Scandinavian design
  • The world’s first expeditionary ships sailing fully electric with sustainable hybrid technology

The Norwegian exploration cruise line Hurtigruten has placed an order for two new hybrid powered expedition ships at Kleven Yards, due to be delivered in 2018 and 2019,in addition to an option for two additional vessels.

– These ground-breaking expeditionships will revolutionise adventure travel at sea. We are combining Hurtigruten’smore than 120-years know-how with cutting-edge technology and design, and a strong commitment to sustainability, to offer the modern-day adventure traveller unprecedented experiences, says Hurtigruten CEO Daniel Skjeldam.

Hurtigruten has now decided to name the first two ships“Roald Amundsen” and “Fridtjof Nansen”after the two most influential Norwegian polar pioneers from the era when the company itself first started offering adventure travels.

– December 14th, it is exactly 105 years since Roald Amundsen became the first person in the world to plant his flag on the South Pole; it has been 128 years since Fridtjof Nansen skied across Greenland; and it is 120 years since Richard With, Hurtigruten’s founder,first started exploration tourism in the Arctic. What could be more natural and appropriate than to name our new ships after these inspiring trailblazers, says Skjeldam.

The new ships are designed by Rolls-Royce, in collaboration with the recognised Norwegian yacht designer Espen Øino.

State-of-the-art Scandinavian design

With “Roald Amundsen” and “Fridtjof Nansen”, Hurtigruten also sets a new standard with respect to interior design and on-boardcustomer experience. The aura of the period of the great exploration expeditions is to be recreated within the framework of modernity, and prime quality and comfort.


The interior will mirror the breath-taking waters and landscapes in which the expedition ships will sail. It will be premium quality and stylish, yet unpretentious. Materials will be predominantly Norwegian and be inspired by nature, and guests will relish the distinguished environment created by the innovative use of granite, oak and birch, and wool, amongst other materials. All of which will be characterized by an innovative Scandinavian approach to interior design.

– We don’t take guests cruising, we take them exploring. A suitable on-board environment and atmosphere is essential to broaden and deepen the immersive experience of nature a Hurtigruten exploration experience constitutes, says Skjeldam.

The ships will have large observation platforms on several decks for guests to get up-close to nature and wildlife. Six out of ten cabins will have their own balcony; two out of ten will be suites.

The vessels will have three restaurants with menus reflecting local flavours and destinations. A special pool deck will include infinity pools, Jacuzzis and bars.



Sustainable and soundless sailings

The new Hurtigruten exploration ships “Roald Amundsen” and “Fridtjof Nansen” will showcase the very latest in innovative environmentally friendly technology. New hybrid technology will make sailing with electric propulsion for 15-30 minutes a reality and substantially longer for ships to come. However, the total reduction in fuel consumption and hence CO2-emissions,is the main gain. The technology, in combination with the construction of the hull and effective use of electricity on board, will reduce emissions from the ships by 20 percent.


– Being able to sail employing solely electric propulsion is of great benefit for the environment – and also of our guests as it enhances the impact of experiencing nature. Imaging sailing perfectly silently along the ice edge in the Arctic or Antarctica, or along the banks of the Amazon. That is truly unique and exceptional, says Skjeldam.

2018 and 2019 itineraries for “Roald Amundsen” -Hurtigruten’s first next-generation expedition ship – will be announced in November.



MV “Roald Amundsen” and MV “Fridtjof Nansen”

  • First of Hurtigruten’s new class of specially constructed exploration ships for voyages in polar waters.
  • Designed by Rolls Royce and are constructed by Kleven Yards.
  • Strengthened hulls for traversing ice
  • The ships will feature innovative Scandinavian designs, large observation platforms, infinity pools – and several other yet to be disclosed expedition features.
  • Number of passengers: 530
  • Number of cabins: 265
  • Dimensions (exterior): Length 140 meters, width 23,6 meters, height 29 meters
  • Depth: 5,3 meters
  • Adapted also for the service route along the Norwegian coast


More information about the hybrid technology

  • Makes fully electric propulsion an option for shorter periods of time
  • New battery technology contributes to a significant reduction of CO2 from ships
  • New solutions will contribute to a 20 percent reduction of fuel consumption. In total, the two new ships will have a reduced CO2 emission of 6400 metric tons per year compared to traditional ships. In perspective, this is the same amount of yearly emissions created by 5540 new cars.


More information on Hurtigruten and the Hurtigruten fleet

Hurtigruten is the original Norwegian coastal route since 1893. The company brings goods, local passengers and tourists to 34 ports along the unique Norwegian coast between Bergen and Kirkenes – every day of the year. In the Arctic, Hurtigruten now offers voyages to Greenland; to Iceland; around Spitsbergen; and from 2017 to Arctic Canada. In the southern hemisphere, Hurtigruten takes guests to the waters around Antarctica; along both coasts of South America; and from 2017, to the mighty Amazon rainforest.


For media inquiries

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Hurtigruten to take adventure travel to new frontiers with the announcement of new explorer vessels

Norwegian exploration travel company Hurtigruten has announced an order of up to four new explorer ships for 2018/19 sailings in a move to meet growing demand for adventure travel from holidaymakers across the globe.

The signing, which marks the largest investment Hurtigruten has made in its more than 120-years of exploring the Arctic and Antarctic waters, will open-up the polar waters and exciting new adventure opportunities.

Set to offer a host of activities for adventure seekers, from climbing and kayaking to rib-tours, whale and sea eagle safaris, the new vessels will embark on exploring some of the world’s most exceptionally beautiful and unspoilt natural surroundings. Adventure tourism is one of the fastest growing global tourist trends valued at $263 billion*, and has witnessed an increase of 195% over just two years.

The order includes the construction of two new state-of-the-art vessels, which will be designed and customised specifically for adventure-rich expedition voyages in the Arctic and Antarctic regions, as well as along the Norwegian coastline. Hurtigruten prioritises sustainability, and the new ships will be equipped with advanced environmentally-friendly technology to reduce emissions, underlining its vision of playing a lead role when it comes to green shipping.

Hurtigruten’s new ships will also offer lectures on topics relevant to the destinations they sail to from experts in areas such as history, zoology, botany, and environmental science. In addition, experienced expedition teams will accompany passengers on educational excursions to isolated places only accessible by ships or zodiac boats.

Daniel Skjeldam, Hurtigruten’s CEO says, “This is a milestone for us and an expression of our confidence in the growth of the global market for adventure tourism. We are to build the most formidable expedition ships the world has seen.”

“People no longer want to spend their holiday time being passive spectators. The new adventure traveller is looking for authentic experiences, which is why sedentary, standardized travel packages are becoming less popular and active adventure travel is booming” Skjeldam adds. “Our experience is that explorers travelling with Hurtigruten crave adventurous activities and mindfulness in combination, therefore Hurtigruten offers active voyages. We offer real experiences in local environments, just steps away from the wildlife.”

The agreement is testament to Norway’s strong international position as a shipbuilding nation. It will also ensure Hurtigruten’s position as world leading within adventure tourism in the Arctic and Antarctica.

Daniel Skjeldam adds, “We are proud to be a more than 120-year old pioneer company. Along parts of the Norwegian coast, Hurtigruten drew the charts – literally. We will bring this knowledge and know-how with us when we put the new ships into operation.”

The vessels will be designed and developed by Rolls-Royce, with the assistance of renowned Norwegian ship designer Espen Øino, and built by Kleven, a longstanding partner.

From 2017, Hurtigruten will offer explorer travel to additional new destinations such as the Amazon Rainforest and Arctic Canada. And with the new explorer ships, guests will be able to land close to new completely new adventurous destinations.

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Join the UN’s Patron of the Oceans on an unforgettable polar voyage

Pioneer swimmer and ocean advocate Lewis Pugh,has announced that he will be joining two Hurtigruten voyagesin 2016 – a voyage along the Norwegian coast in May and a trip to Antarctica in December 2016.

In 2013 the Briton was appointed the UN Patron of the Oceans. The World Economic Forum has named him a Young Global Leader for his “potential to contribute to shaping the future of the world through inspiring leadership” and in 2015 he was also chosen as National Geographic’s “Adventurer of the Year”.

Explore the Arctic on an authentic voyage
On 19 May 2016, Lewis will be setting off from Bergen on the MS Spitsbergen for the 12 day ‘Classic Round Voyage’.During the trip he will give speeches to both guests and local communities about protecting our coastlines and oceans as well as leading beach clean ups and taking part in a number of Hurtigruten excursions and on-board activities.

This trip follows the traditional Hurtigruten route from Bergen, along the Norwegian coastline to Kirkenes, before turning and heading back to Bergen. This unique voyage stops off in 34 ports along the way and offers and authentic way to explore Norwegian nature, culture and traditions. Prices start from €2,823 per person based on 2 people sharing an inside cabin on full board basis
Join Lewis on an Antarctic expedition
On his second voyage in December, Lewis will be joining the MS Midnatsol as she heads to Antarctica. During the trip he will be giving lectures about his work, as well as undertaking a series of pioneering swims off Antarctica and leading kayaking excursions.

The 16 day ‘Discover Patagonia and Antarctic’ expedition starts on 6 December and explores the Chilean fjords and Cape Horn before reaching Antarctica. During the voyage passengers can participate in experiments in the on-board science lab, go hiking and meet some of the many the colonies of penguins. The trip costs from€4,999 per person including one night in a hotel in Santiago de Chile, return flights from there to Punta Arenas and the voyage in an inside cabin on full board basis.

Hurtigruten aim to be world leading in sustainable explorer travel in the polar regions. The Hurtigruten Foundation seeks to enhance awareness and contribute to the protection of the vulnerable nature and unique culture of the destinations they travel to as well as raising funds to respectively exploit or reduce them through a number of initiatives worldwide.

Additional facts about Lewis Pugh:
Lewis is a maritime lawyer who read International Law at Cambridge University, who in 2015 he became the Hurtigruten Foundation’s first ambassador.He was the first person to complete a long-distance swim in every ocean of the world. He undertakes spectacular swims in the most vulnerable parts of our oceans to draw attention to their plight and to campaign for the creation of more marine protected areas.

For more information contact Expedition Voyages at 1 800 345 3324 or or visit

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From icebergs to Polar Bears – just another summer’s day in Spitsbergen No single supplement offer

Remote, mysterious & extreme, Spitsbergen is the largest island in Svalbard, where polar bears outnumber people – yet is has become more accessible to solo travellers this summer, with the introduction of a no single supplement offer.

Hurtigruten are currently not charging supplements on the 9 day ‘Circumnavigating the realm of the polar bear’ voyages departing in July and August 2016. This epic expedition cruise takes passengers well above the 80th parallel and less than 600 nautical miles from the geographical North Pole.

Located right on the southern fringe of the Arctic Ocean, Spitsbergen is the epitome of biodiversity where the frozen Arctic tundra and towering glaciers herald a staggeringly rich array of natural and cultural treasures.

During their trip on-board the comfortable MS Fram, guests can enjoy hikes, kayaking and a range of other activities – including a remote overnight camping trip. Expedition landings throughout the voyage will take them close to the wildlife as well as to explore the ghost towns of the early whaling stations, remote mining towns and spectacular fjords andicebergs.

Prices start from €6,121 based on one person staying in an inside cabin on full board basis for the 3 August departure. The price includes return flights from Oslo to Longyearbyen. The offer is also valid on four other departure dates (20 & 27 July, 10 and 17 August).

The offer is valid on new bookings made by 29 February.

For more information contact Expedition Voyages at 1 800 345 3324 or or visit

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Hurtigruten look to develop hybrid explorer ships

The Norwegian cruise line, Hurtigruten, has confirmed its ambition to offer expedition voyages on ships powered by battery technology and algae fuel.

“The cruise and the maritime transport industries must accept greater environmental responsibility. Hurtigruten is already strongly committed. Rapid progress also requires appropriate political framework and the obligation from the maritime sector as a whole”, says Hurtigruten’s CEO Daniel Skjeldam from the Paris climate change conference.

To deliver what has been achieved for instance in the car sector in recent years, he calls for brave and innovative politicians. “We need political carrots and sticks to stimulate the market in utilising green technology.”

Hurtigruten has recently partnered with the Bellona Foundation, a Norwegian leading international environmental NGO, to explore how the vison of offering zero emission explorer cruises may materialise.

“We consider Hurtigruten’s reach-out to be a very credible and inspiring expression of their willingness to contribute to achieving the objective of emission-free global shipping and sea travel” says Bellona President Frederic Hauge.

The foundation is working alongside Hurtigruten to conduct a feasibility study to learn more about how the current fleet can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and how in future Hurtigruten hybrid ships can be developed.

Karnail Gill, International Sales of New Global Markets commented “These are exciting times for Hurtigruten. We are an ambitious business with plans for growth, but our goal is to work with the industry to deliver that in a sustainable and responsible way.”

For more information contact Expedition Voyages at 1 800 345 3324 or email or visit

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Hurtigruten heads for the Amazon rainforest, Canada and the world’s longest fjord

From 2017, Hurtigruten’s expedition ships will sail to Viking settlements and the national parks of Newfoundland, explore the World’s largest fjord complex in Greenland, undertake Hurtigruten’s first ever inland voyage along the Amazon and travel along the Panama canal.


Explore Arctic Canada with a celebrated anthropologist
Four new voyages will incorporate Newfoundland & Labrador with highlights including the provincial capital of St John’s, Baffin Bay & Torngat Mountains National Park, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, Red Bay and Battle Harbour.

Among the many exceptional landings, passengers will visit L’Anse aux Meadows. The small fishing village on the UNESCO World Heritage List is the place where Norwegians Anne Stine and Helge Ingstad and their daughter Benedicte discovered a Viking settlement in 1960. Today, Benedicte (72) is a researcher and professor of medical anthropology and will join selected Hurtigruten voyages to give lectures about her family’s discoveries.

Prices start from €7,670 for the 14 night ‘Vinland Saga Adventure’ sailing from Reykjavik, Iceland to St John’s, Canada on 12 June 2017.

Cruise to the Amazon rainforest
Hurtigruten’s first ever inland sailing will travel along the Amazon during a 16 night ‘Expedition to the Amazon Rainforest’. The Amazon voyage starts in Manaus deep inside the Brazilian rainforest. Sailing down the immense river, guests can experience and learn more about the unique nature and wildlife from the expedition vessel itself and canoes and by hikes onshore.

Amazonia is a high-biodiversity wilderness area and on top of a very rich flora, explorer guests may encounter animals such as jaguars, tapirs, howler monkeys, parrots, piranhas and caimans.

The trip costs from €5,253 for the departure on 15 October 2017, travelling from Manaus to Montevideo.

Other highlights of Hurtigruten’s new voyages include a journey along the Panama Canal and the chance to explore Kangertittivaq in Greenland (also known as Scoresby Sund), the longest fjord in the world, extending 350 kilometers into the vast island.

Hurtigruten’s explorer cruises combine active adventures with learning. On board and ashore, popular science lectures will be given from experts in history, zoology, botany and environmental science. The Norwegian company has added a total of 23 new expedition voyages to its programme for 2017/18 and now offers more than 200 ports of call in 18 countries worldwide.

“We want to offer our guests unique and meaningful experiences regardless of the water temperature. Hurtigruten let people follow the tracks of the Vikings, Amundsen and Nansen, and Thor Heyerdahl” says Hurtigruten CEO Daniel Skjeldam. “People no longer want to spend their vacations being passive spectators. Therefore Hurtigruten offers active and educational voyages. The many unique excursions and lectures give guests genuinely close encounters with the nature and culture of the destinations”.

All prices are based on two people sharing an inside cabin on full board basis.

For more information contact Expedition Voyages at 1 800 345 3324 or email or visit

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Northern Lights Promise

Northern Ligths Promise

Hurtigruten’s Northern Lights Promise extended
Enjoy a free trip if the lights are not visible

The 2015 Northern Lights season kicked off in style this week, with a display so vivid they were seen as far south as Oslo – unusual at the best of times, let alone this early in the season. Following the display, Hurtigruten has confirmed it is extending its Northern Lights Promise.

Hurtigruten’s ships sail along the Norwegian coast, away from the effects of urban light pollution and directly beneath the Aurora Oval (the epicenter of Northern Lights activity). They are so confident they offer the best way to experience the Aurora Borealis, that all new bookings for the 12 day ‘Classic Round Voyage’ departing between October 2015 and March 2016 inclusive will be eligible, regardless of how far in advance they are booked.

If the lights don’t appear during their voyage, guests will be given the choice of a free 7 day Classic Voyage North (Bergen to Kirkenes), or 6 day Classic Voyage South (Kirkenes to Bergen) in an inside twin cabin (voyage-only, B&B basis), departing between October 2016 and March 2017.
Prices for an inside cabin on full board basis (based on two sharing) and start from 1,452, on a choice of dates (including 30 October 2015).

Full terms and conditions for the Northern Lights Promise are available on Hurtigruten’s website:

For more information contact your Travel Agent or Expedition Voyages at 1 800 345 3324.

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Follow in the footsteps of Edvard Grieg on a cultural journey through the landscapes that shaped Norwegian art, music and history

From mountain top concerts to art galleries and guided museum tours, Hurtigruten’s new cultural voyages offer an in-depth insight into Norwegian art, music and history – including a focus on one of Norway’s national treasures, the music of Edvard Grieg.

Next spring there will be 12 voyages along the Norwegian coast from Bergen in the south, up to Kirkenes (on the Russian border) and back again. Each 12 day trip offers a whole host of authentic and cultural activities, both on the ship and in some of the incredible venues dotted along the Norwegian coastline.

These voyages will follow the same breathtaking route as Hurtigruten’s regular coastal route through countless fjords, stopping off to explore coastal communities and travelling high up into the Arctic Circle.

The trip kicks off with a piano concert in a cave at Trollhaugen, Grieg’s home in Bergen where guests will enter the cave by raft across the crystal clear lake, which will be specially illuminated for the occasion. After the concert they will then enjoy a guided tour of the composer’s villa.


There are a total of 17 cultural excursions or activities included in the trip with a further six available for a small supplement.

Music lovers will be treated to operatic arias performed inside a cave in the mountains and a concert in an old fish-oil factory. Those who enjoy more traditional venues will visit coastal churches and the Arctic Cathedral in Tromso. Among the many concert halls visited is ‘Stormen’ in Bodo. The city’s Grand Hall was opened in Autumn 2014 and has been labelled ‘outstanding’ by Nordic design institutions for its cultural and architectural features, as well as its wonderful acoustics.

In addition to the concerts, passengers will enjoy lectures on Norwegian culture, guided cathedral tours, art exhibitions and botanical garden tours.

Spring is a magical time to visit the Norwegian fjords. It is a journey of great contrasts between the southern and northern part of the coast, with a spring climate in Bergen, while Kirkenes up in the far north is still in the grip of winter.

Those wishing to enjoy the full programme of events can join the 12 day Classic Round Voyage from Bergen to Kirkenes and back to Bergen, though for a shorter trip it is possible to join just the north or south bound portion of the journey.

The 12 day voyage departing on 4 April on MS Kong Harald from Bergen to Kirkenes and back to Bergen, starts from € 1,584 per person (full board basis, inside cabin, 2 sharing

Prices for the Classic Voyage North (staying in an inside cabin on full board basis), costs from € 1,074 per person

Other departure dates are available during April and May 2016.

The ships visit 34 ports along the way and Hurtigruten’s regular programme of excursions will also be offered with options ranging from trips to the North Cape (Europe’s northernmost point) to a bird watching safari or husky sledging.

For more information contact Expedition Voyages at 1 800 345 3324 or email or visit

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Hurtigruten announces upgrade of coastal fleet

Search for the Northern lights …. from your own private balcony
Hurtigruten has announced a refurbishment programme that will see four of its coastal ships under-going a total makeover in 2016. The company is already undertaking a total refurbishment of the newly acquired MS Spitsbergen.

They have also announced plans to operate MS Spitsbergen as an additional ship on the Norwegian coastal route next summer, before she officially takes the place of MS Midnatsol in autumn 2015.

“We are a first mover company and we are now reinventing the Hurtigruten experience. By combining tradition, innovation and sustainability, we aim to ensure the position as world leader in nature-based explorer travels in polar waters”, says Hurtigruten CEO Daniel Skjeldam.

Four coastal ships given new ‘Arctic interior’
MS Polarlys will be the first ship to be refurbished in January 2016, during a 22 day programme of round the clock works. Upgrading of MS Kong Harald, MS Nordkapp and MS Nordnorge will follow.

The ships will be fitted with a modern Scandinavian interior, reflecting the coastal landscapes of the Arctic.

“The interior will reflect the breath-taking coastal landscapes we sail past. We have made it stylish and yet unpretentious. The colors are earthy and from the coast and the sea. Many of the materials are natural, such as wood, slate and leather” says Magnus Zetterberg, Managing Director of Hurtigruten UK.

All common areas of the ships will see changes with the reception areas, cafes, bistro areas and the aft deck all to be renovated.

One of the highlights of any Coastal voyage with Hurtigruten is the local Norwegian cuisine served in the restaurant, with menus changing every day to reflect the specialties of the area the ship is sailing through. The new, stylish restaurants with a modern Nordic feel, will provide an ideal setting for the menus. A range of fresh pastries baked on board will be served and a new feature will be barbecue stands out on deck.

Facilities on MS Spitsbergen will be similar to those already offered across the fleet and she will offer suites with a private balcony and full length windows – offering passengers their own private space from which to watch the northern lights or midnight sun.

MS Spitsbergen to operate new ‘cruise’ concept for Summer 2016
Passengers will not have to wait long till they can enjoy the newest addition to the fleet, as it has been confirmed that her refurbishment will be completed in time for her to operate from 8 May.

For the first few months of operation, MS Spitsbergen will plot a parallel route alongside the MS Lofoten. However, while MS Lofoten will follow her regular schedule, MS Spitsbergen will not stop overnight, leaving her more time to spend in selected ports during the daylight hours. All of the regular excursions such as rib boat rides, whale watching, horse-riding and sea eagle safaris will all be on offer.

She will also be the latest ship to offer Hurtigruten’s new Coastal Expedition concept, with a lecture programme, regular hikes and expedition team on-board. The new product, which was announced earlier this year, will operate on three other coastal ships from 1 January 2016.

Prices for MS Spitsbergen will be the same as for the rest of the coastal fleet with the Classic Voyage North starting from £968 per person (for the 8 May departure, based on 2 sharing an inside cabin on full board basis). Flights are not included.

From September, MS Spitsbergen will take the place of MS Midnatsol, who is heading south to Antarctica for the winter season. At that point she will operate the traditional Hurtigruten schedule, as a working ship.

The renovation work is being undertaken by the Norwegian Fosen Yard, who won the contract following an international tender process.

For more information contact Expedition Voyages at 1 800 345 3324 or email or visit

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New Hurtigruten ship named MS Spitsbergen


Norwegian explorer cruise company, Hurtigruten, has announced that its newest ship will be named ‘MS Spitsbergen’ after the largest island in the Svalbard Archipelago. This very northernmost part of Norway is also where, in 1896, Hurtigruten’s founder Richard With first started explorer tourism in the Arctic.

The name was chosen following a competition in which more than 15,000 suggestions were submitted from all over the world.

CEO Daniel Skjeldam commented “We find MS Spitsbergen to be a very appropriate name as it ties together our history and present-day Hurtigruten. As early as in 1896, Hurtigruten founder and tourism entrepreneur Richard With built a hotel in Spitsbergen and established “The Sport route” with sailings from Hammerfest to Spitsbergen, operated by steamship DS Lofoten. Having built on this heritage, today we are world leading operator of nature-based experiences along the Norwegian coast, in the waters around Antarctica and in the Arctic.“

Explorer tourism is a fast growing industry. MS Spitsbergen adds greater flexibility to Hurtigruten’s global operations as the company now operates two ships offering guests unique nature and culture experiences around the poles as well as 11 ships along the Norwegian coast. In the high North, Hurtigruten now offer voyages around Greenland and Iceland, as well as around Spitsbergen. In the extreme South, Hurtigruten sail guests from South America to the waters around Antarctica.

MS Spitsbergen will initially replace MS Midnatsol on Hurtigruten’s traditional coastal route when she sails down to Antarctica in Autumn 2016. In future it is expected that the new addition will alternate between the coastal route and polar expeditions.

Names from all over the world
CEO Daniel Skjeldam describes the reception of the naming contest as overwhelming. “We have been virtually flooded with suggestions. In addition to posts on the web, we have received letters and postcards, telephones and e-mails and text messages. We have even forthright been stopped on the street. Most proposals of course come from Norway, from continental Europe, especially Germany, and from the UK. But suggestions also came in from the US, Australia, New Zealand and from Asian countries. It makes us grateful and proud that people from all corners of the world feel such an ownership to Hurtigruten.”

The winner of the naming contest, who will be the captain’s guest on a special sailing of MS Spitsbergen, is Erlend Baldersheim (33) from the village of Baldersheim, close to Bergen.

The newest addition to the fleet will have a capacity of 320 guests and 180 berths. The guest area will offer stylish cabins and modern common areas, making it possible to experience the spectacular polar scenery in comfortable surroundings.

About MS Spitsbergen

  • Built in 2009 by the Portuguese shipyard Estaleiro Navais de Viana do Castelo (ENVC).
  • Number of guests: 320
  • Total bunk capacity: 200
  • Gross Tonnage: 7025
  • Length: 97.53 m
  • Width: 18 m
  • Machine: Diesel Electric
  • Speed: 17.4 knots

For more information contact Expedition Voyages at 1 800 345 3324 or email or visit

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